If you have coconut trees in your residential premises, our coconut tree net will give you peace of mind by ensuring the safety of your family, visitors, and pets from the risk of falling coconuts. We offer an affordable and effective solution for the coconut trees in your house, apartment, or villa, preventing coconuts from falling.

What Materials do we use?

We use only Branded Nets such as Garware Safety Net and Braided HDPE Nylon Net that are not only strong but also long-lasting safety nets.

What is the life span of these Nets?

These Nets easily last 8-10 years given the weather conditions. There is no need to worry about the quality or strength of these nets as they are highly reliable  and robust.

Do we provide any discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for residential coconut tree safety nets. The discount we provide is directly proportional to the number of trees. The more trees you have, the greater the discount you receive.


Our coconut tree net provides a safe environment for customers, employees, and guests in businesses, resorts, parks, and public spaces with coconut trees. It reduces the liability associated with potential accidents. Install our coconut tree net today and worry less about coconuts falling from trees and causing unwanted trouble.

Where do we provide our service?

We provide our service throughout South India based on the number of trees. However, the client must provide travel, food, and accommodation facilities in case there are a large number of trees and the number of days needed to fix the nets.

Is regular maintenance necessary?

Yes, the long-term durability and sustainability of the net require periodic maintenance. It is necessary to service the trees at least once or twice a year.

Is maintenance free?

No. Only labor charges apply to the clients in Bangalore. The customer is responsible for bearing food, accommodation, and travel charges in the case of maintenance in other states. 


A coconut tree net, often referred to as a “coconut tree safety net” or “coconut catcher net,” is a specialized net that is designed for the safe and efficient collection of coconuts from tall coconut trees. This coconut tree net is an essential piece of equipment that is used in coconut tree-populated areas, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc., and the purpose is to aid in the gathering of ripe coconuts without the risk of falling from height and causing injury to people, animals, or vehicles parked under the tree.

What do we do?

Tree Cleanup

Coconut Tree needs to be cleaned up first. The coconut bunch and a few branches should be removed to install the coconut tree safety net. We ensure that the tree is neatly cleaned up before we start installing the coconut fall prevention net.

Coconut Safety Net Installation

Once we clean the tree, we need to fix the net onto the coconut tree using branches that offer essential support for the safety net to remain on the tree. It is a must to tie the net tightly to prevent it from slipping or getting loosened by rain or heavy winds.


After successfully installing the coconut tree safety net, you won’t need to worry about falling coconuts for a few months. However, after a certain period, it is required to remove, clean, and reinstall the net so it doesn’t break.

Junk Removal

Net Installation


Customer Support

Brands We Use

Garware Net Image


The #1 Brand Safety Net is the Garware Safety Net. It is the strongest safety net that is available in the market, and it is also highly durable.

It comes in 2.5 MM Thickness, 40 MM Mesh Gap, and is green in color. We offer this net at Rs.5,000/- which also includes labor and installation charges.

Tuf Net Image


We use TUF Net as another Brand for safety purposes. It competes fiercely with Garware Nets as it offers the same strength and durability.

It comes in 2.5 MM Thickness, 40 MM Mesh Gap, and is green in color. We offer this net at Rs.4,500/-, including labor and installation charges.

From Our Clients

“The Best Service Providers. They are Very Professional and Reliable. I am Extremely happy with the service they have provided. The material used was Garware Safety Net which is the best quality available in the market. The price is also reasonable. I advise people to go for Menorah CocoNets service providers for the best coconut tree safety net installation”

Suresh Kumar

Software Engineer, TCS

“I feel very relaxed and stress-free after getting the safety net installed on my coconut tree. Coconuts were frequently dropping from our tree and were causing trouble to people standing beneath and our vehicles parked below the tree. Therefore I Called Menorah CocoNets to solve this problem and they provided a very effective solution at a very reasonable price.”



“There are few coconut trees in our garden and I was always worried about coconuts and branches falling upon our children who usually play there. I got to know about Menorah CocoNets from my friend and contacted them right away. They responded quickly and provided an effective solution within no time. Thank you for your service Menorah CocoNets.”


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