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“Best Coconut Safety Net Service Providers. Very Professional and Reliable. Extremely happy with the service provided. The material used was Garware safety net which is the best quality available in the market. The price is also reasonable. I advise people to go for Menorah Coco-Nets service providers”

Suresh Kumar

Software Engineer, TCS

“Feel very relaxed and stress-free after getting the safety net installed on my coconut tree. Coconuts were frequently dropping from our free and were causing trouble to people standing beneath and our vehicles parked below the tree. Called Menorah Coco-Nets and they provided a very effective solution.”



“There are few coconut trees in our garden and I was always worried about coconuts and branches falling upon our children who usually play there. Got to know about Menorah Coco-Nets from my friend and they provided an effective solution upon calling. Thank you for your service.”


Home Maker

Monish Gowda

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I recently had Menorah CocoNets install safety nets for the coconut trees on my property, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their team was not only professional but also highly knowledgeable about tree safety. The nets they installed are of excellent quality, giving me peace of mind knowing that my family and home are protected from falling coconuts. I appreciate their commitment to both safety and the environment. If you’re looking for a reliable coconut tree safety net provider, I highly recommend Menorah CocoNets. They exceeded my expectations!


Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Menorah CocoNets is an absolute lifesaver! We live in a region where coconut trees are abundant, and the risk of falling coconuts was a constant concern. After contacting Menorah CocoNets, they promptly installed their safety nets, transforming our worries into a thing of the past. Their professionalism and expertise were truly commendable. The nets are robust and blend seamlessly with the surroundings, preserving the beauty of our coconut trees. It’s a small investment for the priceless peace of mind they provide. Thanks to Menorah CocoNets, we can now enjoy our outdoor space without worry. Highly recommended!


Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Menorah CocoNets has been a game-changer for us. Living in an area with an abundance of coconut trees, we were always anxious about the potential risks of falling coconuts. However, Menorah CocoNets came to our rescue with their exceptional service. From the initial consultation to the installation, their team was professional, efficient, and incredibly knowledgeable about tree safety. The safety nets they put up are robust and discreet, preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. Thanks to Menorah CocoNets, we can now enjoy our outdoor space without fear. I can’t recommend them enough!


Menorah CocoNets is a reputable company that is committed to providing safety nets for coconut trees and protecting people and their belongings from the possible hazards that come with them. We take pleasure in providing knowledgeable, practical, and affordable solutions for protecting coconut palms, giving communities and property owners peace of mind.


We are the leading Coconut Tree Safety Net Service Provider in Bangalore.


We use only Top Quality Branded Nets.


We provide Maintenance Service at your convenience.


Our prices are inclusive of Net and Fixing charges.


We provide Huge Discounts in case of Bulk order.


We make sure that is the Customer is satisfied which is more important to us.

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